About Us

PHENOMENAL ESCAPE ROOMS present you with the most exciting escape room in San Diego. We’re sure that you have not been so scared. So get ready to experience it.

You and your teammates will have 60 minutes in a completely themed room.

Everything inside of the room will immerse you in the world of the game. In addition, the decor, special effects, and sounds are specifically tailored to the room’s theme in each room.

Challenge yourself and build up trust and communication with your team!


What The
Players Say

Girlfriend dragged me to do this! so we done it. Was genuinely terrifying but a must do.

Alexander Gregory

When you in, you want to come out immediately. When you get out, you have to think it over again and again what was happened.
Absolutely brilliant. After 1 hours my heart wants to get out of its place.
You know what will happen, BUT when it happens… you can not coordinate your common sense.
Guys you are brilliant!

Wade Hall

“Very well made, super scary and a lot a lot and a lot of fun!!! It’s absolutely worth it and suggested to everyone!

Ashanti Valdez