60 Minutes
3-8 Players
4685 Convoy St #202 San Diego, CA 92111

This story is not for the faint of heart.
You and your friends decided to backpack your way through Europe…
The cozy hotel you called your temporary home turned out to be something much more sinister. One by one, you and your friends were snatched from hotel rooms and brought down to the torture chamber. You have been kidnapped by the killer club “Elite Hunting Club.” Rich people pay a lot of money to go hunting for humans and torture them beings to death.
You have been put in different torture chambers and have been cuffed.

The scream of torment and maniacal laughter lined the halls, and you knew you had to get out.

What will you do? Are you deserving of salvation? Will you fight your way out of the killing club?
Each other is all you have. Collaborate effort and share any random hunch you might get. Sometimes the most unexpected things are the solution.
Do you have what it takes to escape the “Elite Hunting Club”…? The massacre starts in an hour. So hurry up until they kill you.
YOUR MISSION: escape the torture chamber before the crazy killer maniac comes in and murders everyone.

Please don’t forget that you are here to play and enjoy an interactive adventure experience.
Try to get into the role. No matter how convincing or scary inducing the experience might get, remember it’s just a game.

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